6G development initiates in China

08 Nov 2019

Soon after it turned on it on its 5G networks, China is said to have started its research and development for 6G networks. 5G networks were launched before the planned date. 

On Wednesday, China’s Ministry of Science and Technology stated that two groups will be set up in order to start development the next advanced network. Despite its use is already active, 5G is not as common and heard of, as most countries worldwide are still using 4G networks. 

Other than China, only South Korea activated 5G networks, with only a number of cities in the U.S. and the UK having access to the network. 5G is the latest mobile network that offers data to accessed faster. This tech was also developed to aid and boost research on other advanced technologies such as driverless cars and virtual reality. 

The two teams that will be developing 6G networks will have two different roles; one will be focusing on the technical side of the development, being made up of 37 universities, research institutes and enterprises. The other group will be looking at ways for to promote how the required research. 

The Vice Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology Wang Xi mentioned that the next-gen network is still in the “initial stage, the technical route is still not clear, and the key indicators and application scenarios have not been standardized and defined.” 

He added, “In this critical period of national development, we must attach great importance to the 6G development, coordinate its planning, promote it with efficiency, and open up for innovation in this area.” 

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