A QROPS, or Qualifying Registered Overseas Pension Schemes, is an HMRC-recognised pension programme which allows UK nationals living abroad to unlock their frozen UK pension.

Living and retiring abroad may be a dream which many people share but in order to do so stress-free, you would need your finances to be sorted out. With UK expatriates having access to their pension pots, retirement be a much more comfortable stage of your life. Moreover, you can ensure that any residual money is passed on in its totality to your beneficiaries in due time.

As the world’s leading independent financial advisory firm for expats worldwide, deVere Group is at the forefront when it comes to QROPS.

Should you decide to register for a QROPS with deVere Group, you will save from having to buy an annuity. Annuities have seen their values plummet over recent years, making them more expensive but less efficient. It could also be said that they have become ineffective since the introduction of the 2014 Budget pension reforms. Furthermore, if proof can be provided that the client has been away from the UK for five years or more, they can avoid paying the 45% lump sum benefits charge, generally known as ‘death tax’.

At deVere, our professional financial advisers are there to help you when it comes to choosing a QROPS that most suits you. With many complex factors to be taken into consideration – and each person having their own particular circumstances to contend with – seeking professional advice on such matters is certainly recommended.

Our job is to help you aspire towards financial stability and economic security. When electing to transfer your pension to a QROPS with deVere Group, you will be allocated a fully-qualified financial consultant to help you find the best provider and jurisdiction for you.

For further information on signing up for a QROPS through the deVere Group, please contact us.