Polls shows heavy impact on UK hospitality sector

22 May 2020

The lockdown imposed in the UK has left a major impact on British pubs and restaurants with over 30,000 being close to remain closed after all measures are lifted. 

The UK’s hospitality trade was severely hit by the coronavirus outbreak as a poll by CGA AlixPartners highlighted that a number of bars and restaurants may not reopen after the lockdown.

Additionally, it pointed out that 2,800 other businesses had already closed down due to financial problems in the year prior to the lockdown. 

The CGA AlixPartners market recovery monitor showed that there was a 2.4% drop in the year ending March. 

“Many operators have got their tape measures out to assess the impact of social distancing restrictions on operations and capacity. Even with well-configured space, cover counts will be meaningfully reduced and may prompt further questions on whether it is sensible to reopen, or not, from a profit perspective,” managing director at AlixPartners, Graeme Smith.

Operators have asked for the social distancing measures to be eased as it would hinder business and profits. Only one in five pubs will be able to resume business, the British Beer and Pub Association stated. 

Only a quarter of the country’s 115,108 licensed venues are owned by groups whereas the rest are independent. 

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