England footballers could see sponsorship windfall with Euro 2020 win

08 Jul 2021

England players are due to receive sponsorship deal payouts if they win Sunday’s Euro 2020 final against Italy.

According to sports marketing expert, Alan Seymour, demand for football stars including Harry Kane, Raheem Sterling, Jack Grealish and Bukayo Saka will skyrocket amongst companies.

Seymour stated: “So far, Raheem has probably been the stand-out player and he will be the closest to a Johnny Wilkinson-type poster boy but if someone scores the winner in the final that will propel them on to the A-list.”

England defeated Denmark by 2-1 on Wednesday night in extra time, thanks to a penalty taken by Kane, initially saved by Schmeichel, but the England captain scored from the rebound.

Seymour went on to add: “Jack Grealish could be that person — he is a bit of a new face, and has a bit of an edge that someone like Harry Kane doesn’t have.

“A brand will want to jump on that. Bukayo Saka has such a great story — he was a straight-A student at school and companies will want to work with him in a different way, to make the most of his values.”

He continued: “The most oft-used concept in sports marketing is legend, think of the 1966 squad, people will never forget those players, and that is very powerful to a company.”

Along with possible brand endorsements, England footballers will share bonuses worth up to £12 million if they win the tournament on Sunday – an average of £461,000 per player.

This is England’s first final at a major international tournament since 1966, City AM reports.